Timmins city council has officially thrown its support behind a motion to lobby the province to ban door-to-door sales. The request comes in from the Township of Wellington, who is looking for backing when they send their resolution onto the provincial government.

However, as Mayor Steve Black points out, this doesn’t mean the city is banning door-to-door sales. He says the city doesn’t have the authority to do that. The resolution is multiple municipalities banning together to ask the province for the power to be able to do so.

Councillor Andrew Marks is emphasizing this will not be a blanket ban on all door to door sales. He says it’s for HVAC equipment, which has to do with home energy products and services. He says a blanket ban isn’t appropriate for any community, but when high pressure sales tactics and misrepresentation are involved it should be banned.

There is no word yet on if the province will consider the motion or not.