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Renewable energy resolution may benefit Timmins if solar projects are established

Timmins is throwing its support behind a pitch to ask the province to better pick locations for renewable energy projects. This comes after a letter from Ottawa fell on council’s table, who is asking for municipal input when locations are picked for things like wind and solar power projects.

Mayor Steve Black says it will give municipalities more say on whether or not these projects come to their community. He says a lot of municipalities are having issues when it comes to very large projects going in areas of their community that don’t fit. So, they are looking for more regulation and ability to control where they go.

This may come in handy if Timmins eventually finds a renewable energy project for the city. Black says they are still on the lookout, trying to find the best match for the city. He says they have been reviewing potential solar projects, but it comes down to finding one that makes good economical sense, which hasn’t crossed his desk yet.

The upper levels of government have changed a lot of the factors and funding that go into those types of projects, which is making the process difficult. Black says if they do end up finding one that will generate revenue they’ll pursue it further. If not, it is unlikely as he says it won’t make sense for the city.

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