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Street lights along Rae Hill come at a cost of around $675K

Timmins is moving forward on an initiative to install lights along the Rae Hill area of the Connecting Link. City staff presented a quote of $675,000 to install the street lights. However, that number is very preliminary and could easily change as geo-technical work begins.

City Engineer Luc Duval says it is a big decision for council, because the price could spike up to$1 million if there are issues with the ground. He says they don’t know how many bedrock locations they will find in the geo-technical work, and says the price is a conceptual estimate at this point.

Duval also calls the timeline really fast. He says they are talking about adding assets to the community that aren’t there today, which have to be financed for the future. He says the $675,000 is based on an engineer’s estimate after doing similar installations, but with no in-ground information.

He says the actual cost will come when the city does the geo-technical work, the layout work, after they approach Hydro, and get construction costs finalized.

The city is going to add this expense to the current re-design of the road from Rae Hill to the Bruce-Y. Council will still have to officially approve the cost when they get a final number.

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