Fourteen recommendations are being made following an investigation into a 2013 Ornge helicopter crash in Moosonee. That crash claimed the lives of its entire crew. The air ambulance was taking off from the Moosonee airport when it went down on its way to pick up a patient in Attawapiskat. There were four crew members on board.

The union is blaming Ornge, following the findings from the Transportation Safety Board. Unit Chair for Unifor, Chuck Telky, says the safety culture at the air ambulance service is held to the bare minimum, and even three years later, crews don’t have access to advanced safety training.

The TSB claims the crew were not properly trained to fly at night in the fatal crash. It also found organizational, regulatory, and oversight deficiencies within Ornge, which led to the crash.

(With files from: Greg Rosser)

Ornge Crash - 1