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Tory Finance Critic slams the Wynne Liberal climate change action plan

A Conservative MPP from Northern Ontario is not on board with Kathleen Wynne’s climate change action plan. Vic Fedeli, who is also the Finance Critic, says this plan is actually revealing the Wynne Liberals’ hidden agenda. He says the carbon tax on fuel is an example, as that tax will ripple through the economy and hurt consumers. He says the price of everything will go up, like transportation and groceries, because they have to be shipped. He calls that the hidden cost of the plan’s hidden agenda.

Fedeli also weighs in on the rumour that the government was going to put a ban on natural gas. He says while that may not be true, gas will be made so expensive consumers will have no choice but to replace it with electricity.

On top of that, Fedeli is criticising the tax rebates on electric cars. He says although those incentives may help residents buy electric cars, it doesn’t take the cost to actually operate them into consideration. He says they are offering minor incentives to get onto the most expensive power in North America. He says none of that makes sense, especially to the business community.

Fedeli also says the auto sector is upset because the Liberals are pushing electric cars that are still only minimally produced.

(With files from: Rocco Frangione)

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