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Council to look at the cost of “moose fencing” along the Connecting Link

Timmins city council is weighing the pros and cons of moose fencing along the Connecting Link. Council looked at a resolution from the Town of Latchford last night, who is asking for support in their bid for fencing along Highway 11. No decisions were made on that, but council thought the same idea may work in town; especially at the bottom of Rae Hill, where bears and moose are frequently seen on the road.

However, Councillor Pat Bamford points out there may be some safety concerns with the fences. He says putting up two fences may create a trap for animals; it keeps them out, but it might also keep them in. So he is asking what will happen if a bear or a moose somehow gets on the road, in between the two fences, and then can’t get away. He says you can picture a large moose getting on the road, becoming frightened by the traffic, and then going back and forth across the highway trying to get back to the bush.

But, Mayor Steve Black points out this type of fencing is in other locations across Canada, without a ton of issues. As the city gets a quote on fencing, the police chief will look at wildlife collisions statistics along the Connecting Link, and council will go from there.

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