The OPP is reminding drivers to watch for wildlife on northern roads. June traditionally sees the highest number of animal related car crashes, sparking the OPP reminder. At one point last year, northern OPP detachments reported 50 per cent of all collisions involved a moose along the Highway 11 north eastern corridor.

Police say to watch for the yellow wildlife signs, as they are posted strategically along the highway. Keep an eye on the shoulders in the dark, don’t overdrive your headlights, and be cautious at dawn and dusk when wildlife are most active.

Detachment Commander of the North Bay OPP, Staff Sergeant Laura Houliston, says drivers are also encouraged to slow down between dawn and dusk. She says the higher the speed, the more severe the crash, and even a small reduction in speed can make a big difference.

(With files from: Greg Rosser)