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Police keeping safety a priority as evening activities amp up for the summer

The Timmins Police is keeping public safety a priority as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer. The police are sending out some tips to stay safe while venturing out in the evenings or after dark. TPS is releasing the following list of safety tips:

1) Advise a trustworthy person of your destination, the route to be taken, and your anticipated time of return
2) Carry a fully charged cell phone for emergency calls
3) Do not carry large amounts of cash, display expensive electronics (I-pads, etc) or wear expensive jewelry for after dinner walks
4) Do not venture into dimly lit areas or alleyways after dark
5) A best practice is to not travel alone. Walk with a friend or companion
6) As much as possible, try and avoid using ATM’s later in the evening. Try to do your banking during daylight hours whenever possible
7) If you sense you are being followed, proceed directly to a well lit area or business. Ex – a 24 convenience store or gas station
8) Going somewhere by car? In the evening, park your car as close to a light standard as possible. Upon your return to your vehicle, it will be well lit and potential safety concerns will be obvious
9) Keep your street encounters brief. It’s okay to be polite, even to complete strangers, but be careful of any person you do not know who approaches you. They might ask for directions, or solicit you for cash or loose change. Tell them firmly that you cannot help them. If they persist, tell them that you are not able to help and that a law enforcement officer would be a better choice to provide assistance
10) Avoid walking through parks and wooded areas at dusk and after dark. A little route planning will enhance your personal safety

The police say they take personal safety very seriously, and encouraging citizens to follow their safety tips to ensure unwelcome altercations are avoided. The full list of tips is online at my Timmins now dot com.

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