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Multiple northern cities are joining the fight for fair gas prices, something Angus says affects everyone

Northern cities are throwing their support behind Charlie Angus’ request for the Competition Bureau to investigate gas prices. The Timmins-James Bay MP says cities like Kapuskasing, Black River-Matheson, and Temagami have all sent in their own letters to the bureau. He says working with all of the cities is sending the message that the Competition Bureau needs to step in, look at the issue, and assure Northerners they won’t be ripped off anymore.

Angus says we have record low oil prices, and yet we’re still getting gouged at the pumps. He says there is always an excuse as to why prices are so high. First, it was transportation costs. But, Angus says when you start looking across the province you realize that argument doesn’t add up. Then, it was the low price of the loonie. But, Angus says we were still getting ripped off even when the loonie was high.

Angus says the fact is, consumers know they’re getting gouged. He says he is pleased to see so many Northern communities join his campaign, and the differences in price squeeze the pocketbooks of both industries and families.

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