The Tory’s finance critic says the Wynne Liberals have been caught again over how they are artificially reducing the deficit. Vic Fedeli says they used the sale of Hydro One to lower the deficit and next they’ll use the 4.3 cents a litre cap-and-trade gas tax to do the same thing.

Fedeli says in a complex move, the Liberals first allocated billions of dollars into infrastructure projects. Then as they start collecting the cap and trade tax, those funds will go the infrastructure projects and the original allocation is removed.

Fedeli says the original allocation will be used to reduce the deficit, but this only works for two years. After that, Fedeli says it goes back to a disaster. He says that’s because spending hasn’t been cut. He says the spending is still higher than the revenue, but the revenue has been fluffed up with this one time money from the sale of Hydro One, and now cap-and-trade.

Fedeli made the claim during a news conference Monday at Queen’s Park.

(Written by: Rocco Frangione)