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Sewage plant to cost $80M

The new sewage plant that was to cost $60 million is now costing $80 million.

Add to that, the fact that the government has only committed to splitting the cost but the city has not yet seen a dime.

Council was in a heated debate last night over how the project became so expensive.City Engineer Luc Duval said the $60 million was a  Class C estimate and would likely change.

Mayor Tom Laughren seconded that saying when the government committed to the project they knew another $15 million would likely be spent on technology and equipment needed to complete the project. Therefore, the cost from the beginning was actually closer to $75 million.

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Laughren reassured council that provincial Ministers are well aware of the provincial and federal commitment to the project and they know the city cannot handle this project on their own.

Not to mention, he says this was a project the city was told they had to do by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the current sewage plant could not continue to sustain the city on its own.

Laughren said the city may not see the money from the government this year, next year, or even with the same government, but under his watch they will get the federal and provincial dollars that were promised.

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