Elliot Lake’s Mayor isn’t getting far on his mission to regulate gas prices. He pitched the idea to his council last night, in an effort to stop the price differentials across the province. This comes on the heels of Timmins Mayor Steve Black’s crusade to find out why the city is paying up to 30 per cent more at the pumps.

Marchisella says higher gas prices force transportation dependent goods, like food, up in price. He says Elliot Lake had an opportunity to get the ball rolling on price regulations. However the majority of Elliot Lake’s council didn’t buy the argument and it was shot down by a 4-3 vote. Some councillors were saying this would actually make prices higher, because the province would have to create a regulatory body to oversee prices.

However it’s not a dead issue just yet, as a North Bay councillor is introducing a similar motion next week at their council meeting.